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The Woman Behind Domestically Chic!

Posted by Jere'

Sharing Creative, inexpensive ways to decorate and organize your home!

About Me:

Hello! My name is Jere’ (Jeray)

I love Goodwill and thrift stores.

I love the feeling that scoring a great deal gives me.

I really enjoy recreating a piece of furniture or a look for a quarter of the price. I feel when you do this you can enjoy the piece more because you will have a sense of accomplishment and also you are able to create the “look” that you want.

I really love to paint, crafts basically I love anything that has to do with creating something.

I am happily married and we have a son (for now).

I started this Blog because I believe that everyone can have the home that they want and it truly does not have to cost a lot of money, and I would love to be that person that inspires you all to take that first step into recreating something in your home.

I truly love to decorate and I get it all the time from many family members and friends telling me that I should go ahead in doing this, but of course to step into something outside of what I normally do which is healthcare is a pretty big and scary step. So with that said, I decided to take a step out on faith with this blog!

We just bought our dream home in 2011 and I am currently still decorating it, but I will post the things that I have done so far and pray and hope that you all will continue the journey with me on completing and changing things around the house as the days, months and years pass us by. Hopefully you will see something that I have done in my home that will inspire you to start on something in yours.

My dream for this blog is to change one decor at a time in my home and in yours.

If this is your first time to DC please feel free to take a look around here.

Please feel free to come back and visit to check out the new things that I have posted and please tell a friend!


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