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How colors can effect your mood

How colors can effect your mood

January 11, 2014

Color helps define a space, reflects a personality and generates a mood. When you are choosing colors, keep in mind and ask yourself, What is the mood I would like to create. Cool colors such as blue, aqua and green and softer grayed tones in pinks and violets can create a sense of calm in any room; try


Keeping your paint brush soft

January 03, 2014

Good Afternoon Guys,

Since, I am doing so much painting in my house at the moment. I decided to post up this quick little tip about keeping your brush fresh. If you are painting something and you’re not quite done yet but you’re afraid that your brush may dry out no fret.

Painting Tip

Painting Tip

November 28, 2012
I heard of a way to paint your home and not have to worry about smelling all the wet paint fumes. I actually did try this because I had painted a guest bedroom this past weekend and the smell was really bothersome, so I figured I will give this tip a try.