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Day 10 Green Smoothie Cleanse

April 17, 2014

Good Day Loves,

Can someone guess what day it is? There is no need to ask Mike or Julie, because today is HUMP Day and not only that it’s DAY 10 baby! I am so excited about it, I made it!


Day 9 Green Smoothie Cleanse

April 11, 2014

Happy 9th Day Everyone,

I only have one more day left and I am excited. I am excited because just knowing the fact that I have set my mind to something and I have stuck it out. I hate leaving things unfinished so please do understand why I am so excited to


Day 8 Green Smoothie Cleanse

April 11, 2014

Good Day My Cleanser’s,

**Singing to day is day 8** I can not be more than excited because it means there is only 2 days left, and I am feeling excited to step on the scale to see how much weight I have lost. My husband has a love and hate relationship with the scale right about now. He swears


Day 7 Green Smoothie Cleanse

April 11, 2014

Good Day my Loves,

I have made it to Day 7 of the Green Smoothie Cleanse and all is well. I must say that I find myself not drinking all of my smoothies, so I do believe that my stomach is shrinking. I am so excited just three more days, and I can not believe it! I have not been back on the scale again,


Day 6 Green Smoothie Cleanse

April 11, 2014

Good Day Loves,

It is Day 6 Woot! Woot! I am still going strong and feeling much better, also at this point this smoothie thing has became a lifestyle change instead of a cleanse in my mind. For me that means that I have came a long way, oh yeah I almost forgot to tell tell you guys


Day 5 Green Smoothie Cleanse

April 03, 2014

Day 5

Today smoothie was actually great! I am still holding on strong. It is definitely a climb, however, I’ll be sure to keep on trucking til’ the end. Well again, I will say that it is so much easier once you get past day 3.  So Day 5 smoothie was Peach Berry Spinach


Day 4 Green Smoothie Challenge

March 23, 2014

Good Morning Loves,

Well I have made it through day 4 and it went fairly well. I must say though out of all the smoothies, I particularly did not care for this smoothie at all.  I drank whatever it is that I could drink and then I just continued out my day with water and the remainder of my snacks. I want to also let you guys know that I have an obstacle race this weekend and my dear friend and husband are concerned that I may pass out during this race so they have strongly encouraged me to switch over to the modified version.


Day 3 Green Smoothie Challenge

March 20, 2014

Good Morning Loves,

I have made it to Day 3 TADA!!!! I am so happy and very proud of myself. Let me tell you guys my husband broke down and went to the modified version of the cleanse he ate dinner last night. He claimed that he could’t take it anymore he had to eat something, but of course because he is a “man” it really does not matter (BOO MEN).


Day 2 of Green Smoothie Cleanse

March 20, 2014

Good Morning Loves,

So Day two, I would have to say went a whole lot better than Day one did. First and foremost, I did not wake up with a headache….Yay for that. I woke a whole new person with a whole new look on life, I was ready to conquer this day. I felt strong and bold and I knew that this day would be a breeze, and it was! I took my spin class as normal and it was great. On Tuesday’s my husband normally spins with me but since he is doing the cleanse as well he said he was feeling a little fatigue. He did not workout on Monday and now not working out Tuesday, but honestly guys I could not let his struggle become mines. I still worked out and I love the fact that  I did, and was glad that I did not have a headache after the work out. Day two smoothie recipe was:  Apple Strawberry


Green Smoothie Cleanse (GSC)

March 18, 2014

Hey Loves,

I have decided to do a 10 day green smoothie cleanse, and I am so happy that husband wants to do it with me. **Brownie points for him**

The book is written by JJ Smith and here is the link to the book:

These 10 days are really going to mean mind over for me. Now there is a modified version but I am going to try and do the real cleanse first and when I can not take it anymore then I would happily go over to the modified version. So this cleanse is suppose to detoxify your body of all the toxins that we put into our body through all the foods that we consume through the daily lives that we live.  Day 1 smoothie recipe is BERRY GREEN